Membership Benefits

  • Membership of SFNP brings a wealth of resources. Global trends and advances, best practices, the evidence, support for advocacy and strategic activities and a vast global network
  • SFNP membership connects you to a multidisciplinary global network of thousands of students, post docs, and oncology specialties from around the world.
  • Can be a Keynote Speaker, Session Chair / Chairperson & Organizing Committee member of the Conference organized by SFNP.
  • Can be an Editorial Board member, Reviewer, Advisory Committee member of SFNP to maintain the quality control of research.
  • Can be a Visiting Professor to the Universities collaborated by SFNP and receive the designations such as Honorary Fellow of SFNP, Fellow of SFNP, etc.
  • Sessions during the annual conference of Medical Oncology & Research and webinars highlighting new activities, research focused with valuable educational opportunities, shaping professional lives and career enhancement.
  • Discounts on registration fees for the Conferences & events organized by SFNP.
  • Can publish your research and investigation results in SCI/ESCI/SCOPUS Indexed Journals or present them at SFNP Meetings.
  • Recognition opportunities and Awards for the best research paper and best poster presentation