Membership Category

Society For Nursing Practices (SFNP) is one of the largest non-profitable professional association operating under Technoarete Group. SFNP serves for the purpose of research and development in the field of Nursing Science & Healthcare!

Applicants are invited to seek the highest membership grade they are qualified for. The membership categories are:

Professional Member
  • Any persons possessing Master’s degree in the field of Medical and Life Science or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Nursing, Life Science and Medical can apply for the Professional membership of SFNP.
  • Those working in the area of Medical research and business, but not possessing the aforesaid qualifications can also apply for the membership.
  • Nursing Professional members are engaged in various research and development activities and are playing a pioneer role to review the research papers and to make the technical events and conference successful.
Student Member
  • Any Students pursuing a degree in the field of Medical Oncology & Life Science or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Nursing, Life Science & Medical can apply for student membership of SFNP.
  • SFNP encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas.
  • With SFNP student membership one could avail a global contact with its professionals.
Institutional Member
  • Colleges, Universities/Institutions, Research Institutes and Organizations can apply for SFNP institutional membership. SFNP welcomes applications from colleges and universities for mutual collaboration to work together for academic advancement and research development.
  • The University/Institution must have at least 50 student members of SFNP.
  • The University/Institution must have four or more life time members in good standing.